We never use additives in our handcrafted Goat Milk Soap

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Laurel Woods Farms,LLC

All Natural, Additive Free Goat Milk Soap with an olive oil base

Laurel Woods Farms,LLC

All Natural, Additive Free Goat Milk Soap with an olive oil base

Our unique recipe is skin nourishing and easy rinsing making it ideal for military, boating, RV's, camping & sporting events.

Our unique recipe is skin nourishing and easy rinsing making it ideal for military, boating, RV's, camping & sporting events.

Why use " The Traveling Goat" handcrafted goat milk soap made from farm fresh goat milk ?

Why Use "The Traveling Goat" Goat Milk Soap ?

  • The Traveling Goat travels the country bringing area specific soaps designed for the region or season.
  • Raw Goat milk has natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties
  • Goat milk comes from either our goats or local farms.
  • We have happy, well loved goats. Scroll down to see pictures.
  • We use all natural or organic oils and shea butter that is responsibly sourced. Either natural fragrances or essential oils.
  • Our unique recipe can be used as a lotion or soap. If used with water it lathers. If you have little water you can either leave it on to moisturize your skin or rinse it with a water bottle or wet towel. No worry about rinsing it all off...what is left behind will nourish your skin.
  • According to our reviews it works like magic to relieve itching.     Sunburn, poison ivy.

9 ingredients ! All of them skin nourishing and beneficial. No alcohol, Sodium lauryl or sodium lauryth sulfates. Phalate Free.

                                  We never use chemicals or additives 

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2019 Festivals and Fairs

Contact us for a local retailer , find us at one of the following events or order on our web-site

  • Saturday, 1st & 3rd : Art in the Park ( Fredericksburg, Virginia):   9-1
  • Saturday, 3rd & 4th:  Chickohomony Falls, Glen Allen , VA.  10-1
  • Sunday: Archwood Green Barn ( The Plains, Va.)  10-3
  • Tuesday : Goochland Farmers Market ( Goochland , Va on 522) Every Tuesday from 3:30-7
  • Farmers in the Park ( Charlottesville, Virginia) 1st and 3rd Wednesday every month from 3 to 7
  • Spotsylvania Regional Hospital Farmers Market ( Spotsylvania, Va :2nd & 4th Wednesday of the month from 2-6

  • March 29th-31st: Greensboro Home and Garden Show (       Greensboro , NC)
  • April 20th : K-9 Heroes Day  5K Run (Mecanicksville, Va)
  • April 28th: Bow Wow Meow Luau Strangeways Brewery (   Richmond, Va
  • May 2nd-5th:  Virginia Horse Festival ( Doswell, Va )
  • May 18th- 19th : Cowgirls for a Cure ( Doswell, Va)
  • May 25th- 26th: Delaplane Strawberry Festival  ( Delaplane, Va )
  • June 8th: Taste of Woodbridge ( Woodbridge, Va)
  • June 16th: Castle Hill Cider ( Keswick, Va)
  • July 6th : Lake of the Woods Festival ( Locust Grove, Va)
  • July 13th: Peaks of Otter Horse and Hound Festival ( Peaks of Otter Winery)
  • August 31st: Ciderfest: Castle Hill Cider (Keswick, VA)
  • September 15th: Culpeper Womens Show ( Culpeper, Va)
  • September 21st : Richmond Dog Festival ( Richmond, Va)
  • September 27th- Oct 7th : Virginia State Fair  ( Doswell, Va)
  • October 19th : Petoberfest (Woodbridge, Va)
  • November 2nd:         Brook Point High School (Stafford, Va)
  • November 8th-10th: Bodacious Bazaar  ( Hampton, Va)
  • December 7th: Art in the Park Mistletoe Market ( Fredericksburg, Va)
  • December 8th: Hometown Christmas ( Culpeper, Va)
  • December 13th-14th: Prospect Hill Plantation "Night of 1000 Lights"  6-9 in the evening  ( Keswick, Va)




Pup Sudz Review

Pup Sudz...  owner of Melissa wrote:

Owner of Meelo wrote this review after using Laurel lWoods Farm Handcrafted Goat Milk Soap . Your  pup will thank you

Pup Sudz Review

Pup Sudz dog shampoo cuts down on grooming time too !
No need for conditioner.

Pup Sudz Shampoo and conditioner in one  cuts down on grooming time too!

Goat Milk Shampoo for your horse too!

Same great shampoo for your horse too ! Works great on rain rot .No need for conditioners

Same great shampoo for your horse. No conditioner needed

More reviews...


Because we are  truly an all natural soap with no additives our soaps are safe for the outdoors. No need to worry about the rivers, streams or land.  

Easy rinse with little water. Essential oils added said to kill ticks and boost cleaning .

Our same great easy to rinse recipe with added lemongrass. Rinses easily making it great to use on a boat, RV , camping, washing in the river, or any other outdoor activity.Safe for our rivers and streams. Lemongrass helps repel outdoor pests too !

Reviews on Laurel Woods Farms Soap ( The traveling Goat)


We have new products each quarter please keep checking back. 

Pup Sudz...

Meet Meelo


Meelo was adopted by a lady in Philadelphia. Meelo had allergies to grass, He was taking expensive allergy medicine and had still lost most of his hair!

then he started using Pup Sudz...

No need for conditioner...we use high quality nourishing ingredients and have not removed any of the "good stuff"

Saves on grooming time too!

Two weeks and two bath's later


After two weeks and two baths Meelo grew his hair back.  We are happy to say , Meelo is off all his medicine since using  Pup Sudz !

How to use PUP SUDZ...

How to use your PUP SUDZ...

This  shampoo is very condensed. Apply straight to problem areas and let it sit as long as possible. Using a wet sponge apply Pup Sudz liberally to wet dog or horse . Let it soak as long as possible and rinse.

Don't forget to wash their brushes !


Soak brushes in a bucket of water over night then rinse.

Perfect gift for both the dog and their person!

A bag of Pup Sudz... shreds for their dog and a bar of soap in a paw shape for the dog's person .

A gift for both the dog and their person!

Gift card saying " Angels don't always have wings"

About Us

Where we raise it!

Hope our rescue Horse loves her Goats !

Laurel Woods Farms raises happy healthy Lamancha and Nigerian Dwarf Goats. 

All LWF animals eat either organic or all natural feeds and there are no chemicals used on our pasture or lawn.

A few of our goats were purchased for their bloodline but our focus is on creating a happy home for our rescue animals.

Our soap production begins at the farm with farm fresh goat milk!

Where we make it!


Handcrafted All Natural Goat Milk Soap

Pup Sudz

No additives

You will find our soaps under "The Traveling Goat" trademark


Our  trademark The Traveling Goat was inspired by artwork done by our inhouse artist !

The Traveling Goat travels the country and produces designs to fit the geographic location she is visiting.

Does the goat on the truck look familiar ? She is ! That is Faith...our farm mascot. 

PUP SUDZ... Now Goat Milk Soap is  for the dog and horse too !

We offer the customary discount to Wholesalers and discounts to Special Event Planners or Corporate Gift Sales.


There's much to see here. So, take your time and look around !


We use farm fresh goat milk and an olive oil base with shea butter. The rest of our ingredients are a secret ! We never use additives.

Now Available



Our Laurel Woods Farm all natural goat milk soap recipe is now available as a cream soap in the bottle.

Many fragrances to choose from.

SUMMER Sudz... great for taking on the boat

Sea Sudz... great for taking on the boat where water is scarce.

Great for using where water is scarce and  better yet it is environmentally friendly and safe for the water

Don't forget to take Road trip... with you everywhere


Made with the same great goat milk soap recipe...Olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter and farm fresh goat milk!  Goat milk has natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. 

CAMP Sudz... Be kind to your family, home and environment!


It doesn't just work for you it also cleans bathrooms,  windows, mirrors, kitchen sinks, counters, floors, appliances and just about anything else you can think of !

After your through with the inside you can take it outdoors for siding, your grill and car. Please let us know anything else you use it for !

CREAM SOAP IN A JAR...For Feet or with charcoal for your face and hair


Coming soon with Aloe or CBD Oil

Unique useful gifts

Gifts for the pet lover and Pup Sudz animal shampoo


Pup Sudz... Gift set with 4 oz. Goat Milk Soap Sudz for the dog and a paw print  All Natural Goat Milk Soap Bar for his human friend ! 

Gifts for the military and emergency responders

 Goat Milk Soap for Fire, police, marine, airforce, army, navy or coast guard. 
Use for shaving too!

Soap sets for fire, police, marine, army, navy ,air force and coast guard.

Great for shaving too!

Packaged in a kraft giftbox with the label reading "there is no greater love than this: to lay down his life for one's brother"

Gifts for the horse lover!


Many equestrian designs and mix and match inspirational quotes for the top of the gift box.

Do you have a golf lover?


Set of three.. a guest soap, a decorative soap and a bar is gift boxed in a kraft box with  label  saying " success in golf depends less on strength of body than upon strength of mind and character. We have soap sets or individual soaps with inspirational quotes for many interests...music, travel, wine, kids or gardener

Love your state or team ?


We currently have Virginia, West Virginia, Alabama, North Carolina,Georgia, Tennessee and Ohio. 

Krinkle paper can be changed to your favorite team colors. If you are a retailer I would be happy to add your state. 

We can use your company logo or event and customize a label


We can customize labels for your business, event or wedding. No set up fee. Minimum order 36

Don't Run Out ! Sign up for Auto Ship

Get 10% off all soap, cleaners or gift sets you order when you have your order auto shipped. Auto ship orders ship the last week of every month. You can choose your frequency. Add to your autoship order within 1 week of the shipping date and receive 10% off the entire order. Send us an email with the items you would like to autoship, your name and address and we will get you all set up to never run out of soap or cleaner again!


Many Custom Handcarved Molds


Many of our molds are handcarved to enable us to customize orders for different regions of the country.

It all starts here with a great team!

It all starts here with a great team!

There is so much work to do we all work together to get it done.!

Precise measuring and mixing is required for saponification of oils


LWF using nothing but high quality, responsibly sourced  organic or all natural ingredients.

Poured into individual molds then cured for 6-8 weeks

Hand packaging the soap is very labor intensive

I would like to say we patiently wait for the soap to cure but we are busy making more to keep the pipeline full!

Almost finished with the production...now the time intensive packaging


Come see us next at:

Bodacious Bazaar- November 9th-11th at the Hampton Convention Center in Hampton, Virginia

Early Mountain Winery -  November 24th-25th in Madison, Virginia

ChristKindlmarkt - December 1st at Lake of The Woods in Locust Grove, Virginia, 22508   9am-3pm

Greensboro Home and Garden Show -

March 2019

Order Minimums

Laurel Woods Farms donates soap to several causes.


Donates soap to a mission group that goes to Guatemala or Costa Rica every year to work with orphans

Laurel Wood s Farms donates soap to several safe houses in the USA as well as nursing homes and the